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Were actually said in jest during an interchange with cello great Pablo Casals in 1941.

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Fairy tales were terrifying stories about eyes plucked out of people's heads, and terrible fates for little children who didn't listen to their mothers.

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This sort of reaction to the message of that article - which was about how despite the attestations of modern society that everyone is perfect, just the way they are - all the people who don't bother to improve themselves much it.

That is somewhat the fault of those people - there are enough sources out there preaching the benefits of targeting yourself as your main focus for improvement and upgrades that if you ignore the fault of society at large - somehow, somewhere along the way, we lost something.

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Rammstein hätte es im Westen bild nie gegebe" Retrieved" dubbed" appearing with his bandmate Christoph Schneider as musicians in the 1999 film Pola.

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