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Sometimes I see mysterious pageload errors from, also pages appearing only slowly while a hitcounter is loading.More recently I get occasional malware popup ads "A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSORS", they're these big gray windows seemingly served by ebay, youtube, etc.If you visit any site with a tiny Sitemeter hit counter, it supposedly loads a script/cookies which wait for you to visit e Bay etc., then display the obtrusive screen-wide ad *only* if you're on e Bay, otherwise it lurks hidden. (Note that you can Streetview-drive all over the sidewalks in that park, go out to the end of the dock, even climb stairs.) Added some to Ultra-simple Generator, GOING FURTHER: HEAVY-DUTY VERSIONS.No, there is no need to stamp out hundreds of iron sheet laminations.

A bit of sand at the bottom to trap microbubbles for nucleation.

Hmmm, synchronicity, I just worked on a commercial design for a giant one. Here's a bit on that, Salt water and that "Kelvin's Plasticstorm" device. Yes, Electronics Goldmine stopped selling those useful little -8,000-volt power supplies back in 2003 or so.

And even the 120VAC types vanished from All Electronics.

We can use the same idea that Edison used for his first industrial products: the Gramme Dynamo.

Its "laminated" rotor is actually a ring wound from iron wire. Thunderf OOt and Veritasium fighting over Kelvin Thunderstorm?

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OK, what is my mind picking up while asleep, the undercurrents of the cosmic pop-culture?

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