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My second book was a biography of Billy Dixon, a larger than life Western hero that never got his due.

I had been researching it for years before I got a book deal, so I put it together in eighteen months.

If I had to describe my beliefs, I believe the best would be agnostic Druid. I had also started carrying a camera, taking pictures of things that appealed to me.

Judging by the sound of the stream, she really, really had to go. Over the last two years, I had developed the habit of walking quietly.

There were three family graveyards and a small log church on my land. I'd had a bad experience six years before that made me extremely suspicious of people, and gave me a mountain of trust issues. In my youth I had dreamed of writing the Great American Novel. Worked for a few years with newspapers, getting better jobs with bigger papers as my skill grew.

I gave free access to the descendants, and even kept the church in repair. I let people use it for a donation to the local historical society. I got my big break when I discovered corruption between local officials and state lawmakers concerning the proposed route of a four lane bypass.

I would clear my three quarter mile driveway, then get out my 1958 M38A, a one ton, six wheel drive Dodge that I had fully restored. I got a three book deal, specifying one had to be a novel.

Are you as crazy as you act, or has the cold water numbed your brain? She was about five foot one and weighed one hundred and one pounds, in this case soaking wet.I was putting the finishing touches on a book about what amounted to a small war between union organizers, the local sheriff department, and the national guard. This was fairly recent history, I was able to interview many of the children of the participants, as well as researching the local papers, oral histories, etc. I was married at the time I uncovered the road deal corruption, to a local girl. I was at the newspaper, a fairly large one for the area.I got lucky and one of the descendents handed me the diary of his grandfather, documenting the whole thing, naming names, talking about under the table deals the organizers and the sheriff tried to put together but couldn't agree on, as well as a love triangle that figured prominently in the whole affair. We had courted for nine months, and had been married for twenty two months. Like I said, she was a local girl, working for her uncle in the local county tax office. I always had a good source of quotes about county business if I needed one. Harvey Gant was the chairman of the Republican party, a local power broker, and owned a large scale beef farm operation. To say these two didn't like each other was an understatement. I was covering politics, and I never lacked for a story.I'll leave your clothes here, but wrap them in a towel to carry home.The trunks will stay up if you pull the drawstring tight." She had finally stopped cussing and stood in the water shivering.

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