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There’s a lot of different topography in the country, which leads to a lot of different cities, each with their own unique feel.

While many often think of places like Medellin and Bogota at first thought, there are some other Colombian cities worth mentioning as well that can be just as adventurous and worthy of your time and money.

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes these chicas different, but spend any amount of time in this country and you’ll see why I’m often writing so enthusiastically about them on Girls Heavens.

They’re hot, fun, and have great attitudes, especially when it comes to gringos (for the most part).

This city is so big, that only Mexico City and New York City can claim to be bigger, as far as North American cities are concerned.

Colombia has quite the broad range of reputations, with some of it true, and some of it not.

While some outsiders still view the country as some cocaine-infested, militia battling, drug lord-run shit show, it is definitely not, at least in 95% of the country.

This is one of the only Colombian cities that has an actual Red Light District, where the action never stops, day or night.

This Red Light District, also known as Santa Fe, has everything from street walkers to brothels and strip clubs.

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