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You’ll see a lot of overlap between the articles posted here and on r/feminism.: All the subreddits on this list make an effort to be inclusive, but this one defines itself by its intersectional approach to women’s issues. This summer, the site that serves as a forum for every subculture imaginable had to ban five subreddits dedicated to fat-shaming, racism, and transphobia.On top of that, Redditors used the site to hurl sexist and racist insults at former CEO Ellen Pao for supposedly firing community manager Victoria Taylor, even though it wasn’t her decision.” keep you up at night, this subreddit will give you something to do while you’re lying in bed.Another heads up: Some of these questions can be adversarial toward feminists, drawing from boring stereotypes about feminists being misandrists or feminism denying statistics.While serving as a source of news, it’s also a forum for Latinas to examine the varied forms of racism they’ve experienced as well as issues unique to their own cultures.: The standard sex subreddit, r/sex, is by no means a bad resource for advice on dealing with common sexual problems and reassurance that a wide range of behaviors and preferences is totally normal.

It also includes “shameless self promotion threads” for women to share their own businesses, products, writing, and events—one of the few times you’ll ever see self-promotion accepted on Reddit.

Since Reddit is so critical in shaping Internet-wide conversations, we can’t cede it to misogynists. It’s usually innocuous, with a mix of world news, scientific discoveries, and fun polls.

But occasional misogyny pops up, as it did during this summer’s attacks on Pao.

Accordingly, its discussions address the ways our society and often feminism itself marginalize LGBT women, women of color, and other groups that may be less frequently represented on other feminist subreddits.

: This 9,000-member subreddit contains anything and everything (well, not everything — no NSFW material, please) related to Black women, including conversations about the media’s representations of black women and news about black women celebrities and politicians.

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