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I can't see anything wrong with the code and it's driving me mad. hi, i think you miss something, try to see the table where you save the value of the fields you entered if it change anything, if it change anything, then you have put some code on your SP that retrieves data after the UPDATE code that you have.The product table is not updating with the new values.I am using a Details View to update an existing SQL Server record.

You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.So, if you add a button to a Details View with Command Name="Update", then the update will be initiated when the command is clicked.The Item Command event occurs for any command, and it occurs before the other automatic functions. I noticed in my debugging also and it called it twice and the second time it failed. I have to manage multiple post backs and this has been a nightmare..Thanks for the advice. The code: You don't provide Update Command parameters for the datasource,so you can not access Details View Update Event Args in detailview1_Item Updating event handler. Select Command = "SELECT country_id,country_name FROM refdb_countries"; Sql Data Source Country. Connection String = c String; Sql Data Source Country.

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So, in my test: That may be what you're seeing, and if that's the case one easy option is to change the command names on the buttons so they do not match (e.g. Then the update logic will only be initiated from within Item Command, and not automatically by the Details View. Thats why I was looking for the Item Updated event to set the Details View to readonly.

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