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IKEA seems to do them so was hoping other places may as well.

Super king is 180cm wide instead of the 160cm standard king size.

We are also looking for other furniture so any reasonably priced furniture stores and recommendations would be appreciated. Sorry, I thought super king was a fairly standard bed measurement.I have to say so far I'm shocked by how unfriendly this forum is, if you haven't got anything helpful to say, why bother?I am not just talking about this discussion but conversations here in general. You got a suggestion (IKEA), a couple of queries and a recommendation for IKEA. And this is a forum, people can say what they like, not just reply to questions. You could also try Micasa (Migros furniture), Top Tip (Coop furniture), Interio, Pfister and possibly even Otto's if there are any of these near you.They go from more expensive than IKEA (first 2), even more expensive, very expensive and cheap. If you have transportation, there are two Conforama stores in Kanton ZH.The three mid-priced brands you should have a look at are Celestra and Happy and Bico.

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I ended up checking several stores, among which Pfister, Micasa and some matress specific stores (like the Concord one), and ended up buying in Micasa - I put all my discount cuppons together, went on the special Sunday where everything is 10% off, and got a pretty good deal out of it.

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