Foreign women and dating

The irony is that western women are slowly stripping away their femininity to become more masculine in how they speak, dress and act.This is thanks to a new wave of hardcore feminists who are doing their very best to convince women that they don’t need men, which is pretty much the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard.You’ll be expected to hold up your end of the deal, but you’re a good guy, so that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

They look forward to having kids and raising a family, plus once she chooses you as her husband she will do everything she can to make your marriage work.

The obesity epidemic in the western world is very common amongst women, and being massively overweight is becoming normal.

A Latvian, Peruvian or Chinese would never dream of doing that to her body – instead she sees her body as a temple which should be cared for.

This leaves you, as a western man, waiting until they’re ready to actually date in a serious way.

Foreign women, on the other hand, are far more family focused, thanks to their culture, and want to meet a financially secure guy as soon as they can.

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