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Decadal-scale varve thickness trends correlate with glacier size-variations.

A stepwise, running multiple regression analysis demonstrates that interannual changes in varve thickness are strongly correlated with changes in mean summer temperatures, but cannot be sufficiently explained without considering summer precipitation and the number of days with snow per year.

Continuous lines show the German oak and pine chronologies fixed by comparison with the varve chronology of Lake Suigetsu.

The combined 14C and varve chronologies from Lake Suigetsu are used to calibrate the 14C time scale beyond the range of the absolute tree-ring calibration.

In order to reconstruct a more precise and longer varve chronology for the laminated sediments from Lake Suigetsu, we have reassessed the varve chronology in the whole section during the deglaciation as well as the Glacial up to a depth of 30.45 m.Annually laminated sediments (glacial varves) from Lake Silvaplauna, a High Alpine proglacial lake in the Central Swiss Alps, were compared with glacier monitoring data and instrumental climate data from 1864 to 1990.Long-term and short-term responses to climatic change as well as anthropogenic influence can be traced separately in the varve succession.25 cm in length, including a 1.5 cm overlap with neighbouring subsamples.To allow detailed observation of the sediments, the well-cleaned surfaces of sediments were scanned with a digital camera.

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Each spring, tiny plants bloom in Lake Suigetsu, a small body of water in Japan.

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