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The sublateral (subdorsal and subventral) cords lie just inside a thin layer of hypodermis near body wall muscles. Amphid nerves and outer labial lateral (OLL) nerves have twofold symmetry and run on the sides of the head. GABAergic synaptic varicosities in the motor neurons, specifying the GABA release sites at NMJs, are seen in a punctate manner along the nerve.

Some SNB-1-CFP accumulates in motor neuron soma ( Males have a larger nervous system with 473 cells (with an additional 79 neurons and 36 support cells).

Neurons of the dorsal ganglion (neuron nuclei) become visible at this level. At a slightly more medial level, multiple labial neuron and support cell nuclei become visible anterior to the NR around the anterior bulb, whereas more lateral ganglion nuclei are visible posterior to the NR. Neurons are bounded by the basement membrane of the hypodermis. Exceptions are URX, URY, BAG, and FLP neuron processes that run in the sensillar nerves but do not end in the sensillar endings.

It can also detect the presence, density, and sex of nearby nematodes by short-range diffusible signals, by a pheromone, and by changes in oxygen levels (Riddle and Golden, 1982; Cheung et al., 2004; Gray et al., 2004; Jeong et al., 2005; Barr and Garcia, 2006). Most of the neuronal nucleus is filled with light-staining “euchromatin,” with a modest amount of dark “heterochromatin,” and one or more small round nucleoli.

In contrast, the pharyngeal neurons lie directly among the pharyngeal muscles and are not separated from their muscle targets by a basal lamina.

The neurons in the hermaphrodite have been assigned to 118 distinct classes according to their topology and synaptic connection patterns (White et al., 1986).

The animal displays social feeding behavior (de Bono, 2003). An adult animal expressing the ) travels anteriorly to the nerve ring within the right fascicle of the VNC. Under differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy, neuronal nuclei can easily be distinguished as small, stippled ovals (Neuro FIG 1).

Each sex also displays sex-specific behaviors such as egg-laying in hermaphrodites and mating behavior in males (Schafer, 2005). Some neuron processes may have pure sensory functions (a dendrite) or pure synaptic output functions (an axon), but many have mixed functions capable of both receiving inputs and sending outputs (a neurite or process). The processes of individual neurons are generally very thin (100–200 nm in diameter), but show local swellings with clusters of vesicles at synaptic regions along the length of the process (White et al., 1986).

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The neurons communicate through approximately 6400 chemical synapses, 900 gap junctions, and 1500 neuromuscular junctions (NMJs).

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