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Mechanization of agriculture stimulated overproduction, and Soviet dumping of wheat on the world market to earn foreign exchange for the First Five-Year Plan compounded the problem. The credit squeeze, bank failures, deflation, and loss of exports forced production down and unemployment up in all industrial nations.In January 1930 the United States had 3,000,000 idle workers, and by 1932 there were more than 13,000,000.To these problems were added economic depression and disastrous floods that took hundreds of thousands of lives.

By 1935 Nazi regime had torn up the Treaty of Versailles and by 1936 the Locarno treaties as well. This combination of demoralized publics, stricken institutions, and uninspired leadership led historian Pierre Renouvin to describe the 1930s simply as “” The militant authoritarian states on the other hand—Italy, Japan, and (after 1933) Germany—seemed only to wax stronger and more dynamic.

The 1930s were a decade of unmitigated crisis culminating in the outbreak of a second total war.

The treaties and settlements of the first postwar era collapsed with shocking suddenness under the impact of the Great Depression and the aggressive revisionism of Japan, Italy, and Germany. The context in which this collapse occurred was an “economic blizzard” that enervated the democracies and energized the dictatorial regimes.

Even the French granted the impossibility of further German payments and agreed to make an end of reparations in return for a final German transfer of 3,000,000,000 marks (which was never made).

The United States, however, still insisted that the war debts be honoured, whereupon the French parliament willfully defaulted, damaging Franco-American relations.

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By the end of 1928, Chiang was demanding the return of leased territories and an end to extraterritoriality in the foreign concessions.

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