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Article 140 (2) of the Constitution provides a timeframe within which petitions filed in the Supreme Court may be heard. The table below has been prepared as a guide to the process.

Yet, he was the canary in the coal mine, as he warned that if we are to give a lowly federal district judge the ability to rule that our history, tradition, natural law, and Constitution are “unconstitutional,” there is nothing a judge can’t do (and no purpose to federalism and the separation of powers).

But certainly the other branches of government — which wield more robust power — do. Thus, if one believes that a specific precedent (in this case, all sides agree it’s very dubious and muddled anyway) is unconstitutional, the judge has an obligation, pursuant to his oath of office, to uphold the Constitution.

(Oh, but these same federal courts are saying the Establishment Clause undermines the sovereignty of America and forces Congress and the president to bring in Somali immigrants.) In case the political class, including phony conservative bloggers, are baffled by the anger of the people and the appeal of someone like Roy Moore, maybe they should start paying attention to this growing war on America’s history, culture, heritage, and founding documents.Even if a state judge or state official disagrees, nobody will suggest they actively execute the guy in contravention to the court ruling.But for a federal judge to demand that a replica of the Ten Commandments or a state flag be ripped down, there is no reason to actively obey it.While they give lip service to the Constitution and then join along and even expand unconstitutional precedent that violates our foundation, Judge Moore will actually live by his oath of office., which affirmed the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) invalidation of claims in related inter partes review (IPR) proceedings. The PTAB determined that a “petitioner in an inter partes review proves unpatentability by a preponderance of the evidence (see 35 U. , acknowledging that it is entirely possible that a district court may find a patent claim to be valid but that the USPTO may later cancel the claim on its own review. The presumption of validity is unmistakable, not at all ambiguous, and exceptionally direct.

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