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"Kristen started something at a really accessible price point during the height of the luxury market," says Kiran Advani, fashion programming director at the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture. Amato pieces for personalities like cooking star Rachael Ray, Ms. She answered in typical fashion: "I said, 'Sure, I can do it!

' and then crossed my fingers." Beginning in January, her show will air monthly. Amato also maintains a studio that caters to by-appointment buyers.

Connelly honed while integrating the operations of the recently acquired Insignia Financial Group and Trammel Crow Co. "He's the first to arrive, the last to leave, and that's really respected by our professionals." A former competitive bass fisherman who finished 10th in a team national championship in Kentucky in 2006, Mr.

will come in handy, says Jack Durburg, his predecessor in the managing director job who's now president of the Los Angeles-based company's 18-state central division. Connelly now mostly fishes with his wife and 9-year-old twin sons.

Barnett's at Charter One in Chicago and now head of balance sheet management, operations and strategy at sister company RBS Citizens Asset Finance.

"Others struggle to fill in the dots." HOW HE UNWINDS: "I try to have a balance, and that means everyday try to take a little time for myself, a little time with my family and then work." Watch Kyle Barnett's featured video.

But the business, marketing and people skills that Mr.She later began to gain wider notice at the Studio Museum in Harlem, where she focused on conceptual art practices and artists of African descent.That's where MCA Chief Curator Michael Darling found her. But it was her intelligence in terms of art and curating that clinched it," he says.In particular it was "30 Seconds Off an Inch," an exhibit in which she asked viewers to look beyond artists' origins in studying their work, that captured his attention."I felt it was fresh and thought she could really bring some new thinking and scholarship to what we're doing at the MCA." Ms.

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