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Animal care manager Kico Iraola said: “We were getting a bit despondent after our neighbouring centres in the UK couldn’t help us – they had the same problem as us – too many boys.

She said: "Our team hand reared Spruce from a chick and we successfully reintroduced him into our penguin colony.“By nature, I am a fan of Batman, but I still wait for the Penguin to emerge victoriously,” states his profile.The staff at the park says that all other penguins there have either found a mate or are male. We then reintroduced him to our penguin colony,” said his carer.Spruce's dating profile says he is a "non-smoker with an athletic body type, under 5ft", whose likes include "seafood and swimming" and his favourite bands are "Reel Big Fish and Noah and the Whale".It states he is looking for "a partner for life who I can make some little chicks with, as I'm a family man at heart".

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