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In the Second Battle of Tarain, the depleted forces of Prithviraj Chauhan were defeated and the ruler of Delhi killed. Popular knowledge ends with the Second Battle of Tarain.

There are some very obvious lessons to be learnt here.

Following his death, the kingdom shrunk to just the size of the city and merely a few years later, Iltutmish finished the remnants.Jaichand’s son then prepared to defend Kannauj, but Mohammed Ghori instead made his way to Varanasi. It is said that Mohammed Ghori, at the end of this campaign, returned with a loot that had to be carried on 1,400 camels!The holy city on the banks of the Ganges was also an important financial centre for the kings of Kannauj. As for Kannauj, it was once the principal cities of ancient India.This thread is for the News and Developments of the burgeoning Television and Film industry in Trivandrum.Identifying its new facilities for film shoot, film directors return to the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum.

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