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The reason behind a silent installation may be convenience or subterfuge. Installation that is performed without user interaction during its progress or with no user present at all.

One of the reasons to use this approach is to automate the installation of a large number of systems.

Installation that does not display messages or windows during its progress.

"Silent installation" is not the same as "unattended installation" (see below): All silent installations are unattended but not all unattended installations are silent.

Installation may be part of a larger software deployment process.

Installation typically involves code being copied/generated from the installation files to new files on the local computer for easier access by the operating system.

Windows XP and most Linux distributions are examples of operating systems that can be installed with an answer file.

Unattended installers may record errors in a computer log for later review.

Because code is generally copied/generated in multiple locations, uninstallation usually involves more than just erasing the program folder.

For example, registry files and other system code may need to be modified or deleted for a complete uninstallation.

To prevent this, extra caution on what exactly is being asked to be installed is needed.

The installation of additional software then can simply be skipped or unchecked (this may require the user to use the "custom", "detailed" or "expert" version of the installation procedure).

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