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I imagine that at some point you'll want to do something with these addresses, so why not just go straight to the source and make sure that your networking library will understand the address? \d))\Z)| (\A([0-9a-f]:)(:[0-9a-f]):(25[0-5]|2[0-4]\d|[0-1]? This is better than just hoping whatever regex is about to be posted here will match your implementation's concept of the address.

I successfully use this in i Term2 It is difficult to find a regular expression which works for all IPv6 cases.

Looking at the patterns included in the other answers there are a number of good patterns that can be improved by referencing groups and utilizing lookaheads.

Hence, I want to share an alternative solution which I have developed: Regular Expression (Reg Ex) for IPv6 Separate from IPv4 Now you may ask that "This method only finds IPv6, how can I find IPv6 in a text or file? Note: If you do not want to use IPAddress class in . It also covers mapped IPv4 and special cases too, while IPAddress does not cover.

In Java we have (([0-9a-f A-F]:)[0-9a-f A-F]|([0-9a-f A-F]:):|([0-9a-f A-F]:):[0-9a-f A-F]|([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])|([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])|([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])|([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])|[0-9a-f A-F]:((:[0-9a-f A-F]))|:((:[0-9a-f A-F])|:)|fe80:(:[0-9a-f A-F])%[0-9a-z A-Z]|::(ffff(:0):)((25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])\.)(25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])|([0-9a-f A-F]:):((25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])\.)(25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])) # IPv6 Reg Ex ( ([0-9a-f A-F]:)[0-9a-f A-F]| # 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8 ([0-9a-f A-F]:):| # 1:: 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:: ([0-9a-f A-F]:):[0-9a-f A-F]| # 1::8 1:2:3:4:5:6::8 1:2:3:4:5:6::8 ([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])| # 1::7:8 1:2:3:4:5::7:8 1:2:3:4:5::8 ([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])| # 1::6:7:8 1:2:3:4::6:7:8 1:2:3:4::8 ([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])| # 1::5:6:7:8 1:2:3::5:6:7:8 1:2:3::8 ([0-9a-f A-F]:)(:[0-9a-f A-F])| # 1::4:5:6:7:8 1:2::4:5:6:7:8 1:2::8 [0-9a-f A-F]:((:[0-9a-f A-F]))| # 1::3:4:5:6:7:8 1::3:4:5:6:7:8 1::8 :((:[0-9a-f A-F])|:)| # ::2:3:4:5:6:7:8 ::2:3:4:5:6:7:8 ::8 :: fe80:(:[0-9a-f A-F])%[0-9a-z A-Z]| # fe80::7:8%eth0 fe80::7:8%1 (link-local IPv6 addresses with zone index) ::(ffff(:0):) ((25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])\.) (25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])| # :: ::ffff: ::ffff: (IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses and IPv4-translated addresses) ([0-9a-f A-F]:): ((25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])\.) (25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9]) # 2001:db8:3:4:: 64:ff9b:: (IPv4-Embedded IPv6 Address) ) # IPv4 Reg Ex ((25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9])\.)(25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9]) IPV4SEG = (25[0-5]|(2[0-4]|1[0-9])[0-9]) IPV4ADDR = (IPV4SEG\.)IPV4SEG IPV6SEG = [0-9a-f A-F] IPV6ADDR = ( (IPV6SEG:)IPV6SEG| # 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8 (IPV6SEG:):| # 1:: 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:: (IPV6SEG:): IPV6SEG| # 1::8 1:2:3:4:5:6::8 1:2:3:4:5:6::8 (IPV6SEG:)(: IPV6SEG)| # 1::7:8 1:2:3:4:5::7:8 1:2:3:4:5::8 (IPV6SEG:)(: IPV6SEG)| # 1::6:7:8 1:2:3:4::6:7:8 1:2:3:4::8 (IPV6SEG:)(: IPV6SEG)| # 1::5:6:7:8 1:2:3::5:6:7:8 1:2:3::8 (IPV6SEG:)(: IPV6SEG)| # 1::4:5:6:7:8 1:2::4:5:6:7:8 1:2::8 IPV6SEG:((: IPV6SEG))| # 1::3:4:5:6:7:8 1::3:4:5:6:7:8 1::8 :((: IPV6SEG)|:)| # ::2:3:4:5:6:7:8 ::2:3:4:5:6:7:8 ::8 :: fe80:(: IPV6SEG)%[0-9a-z A-Z]| # fe80::7:8%eth0 fe80::7:8%1 (link-local IPv6 addresses with zone index) ::(ffff(:0):)IPV4ADDR| # :: ::ffff: ::ffff: (IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses and IPv4-translated addresses) (IPV6SEG:): IPV4ADDR # 2001:db8:3:4:: 64:ff9b:: (IPv4-Embedded IPv6 Address) ) IPv4 segments should not include leading zeros.

If a leading zero is present, the IPv4 segment should be interpreted in octal. \d)))\Z)| (\A([0-9a-f]:):[0-9a-f]:(25[0-5]|2[0-4]\d|[0-1]?

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